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Organizations are building an environment of User Experience Design interviewing intolerance within the black UX Design community. This is a significant issue that will lead to the lack of mid and senior-level talent to interview for jobs in small and larger organizations.

Interviews can be valuable for both the organization doing the interviewing and the person interviewing. It’s a way for both parties to learn more about each other, but it’s an even better way for both parties to gain valuable feedback about the process, their strengths, and weaknesses. The problem is organizations have been benefiting for years. …

Let’s tell your story together.

The 28 Days of Black Designers project is a design project that focuses on the stories and work of African American / Black designers. The black community lack stories and accomplishments of black artists. To help facilitate this need this 28-day project will allow the awareness and celebration of black designers during Black History Month (#BHM). Yes, I agree that this should be a year-long celebration but #BHM is the right marketing tool for the curation and execution of this kind of project.

Why is this needed?

In 2016 the AIGA and Google design census results revealed blacks only make up 3% of the…

Celebrating the diverse talent in our industry is a great way of creating heroes; role models that other people can look up to. We invited Tim Hykes to write about his project “28 Days of Black Designers”, and share his perspectives on Inclusion.

This post is part of the journey of the team at on learning more about Diversity and Design — and sharing what they learn along the way.

dif·fer·ence: a point or way in which people or things are not the same; alter (a coat of arms) to distinguish members or branches of a family.

The AIGA and Google Design Census is over, and we are left to face the music. For some, the music is beautiful with a dash of glitter and magic, but for others, the epic soundtrack of death is destroying the very fabric of time and space as we are left of figure out where to find ourselves.

At this point in the game, we should be asking more questions and creating solutions to help the smaller underrepresented communities. We as a community of individuals in the design field should be running with the numbers to create projects that support the…

Timothy J. Hykes

UX Consultant at @wwt_inc , CAC @aigadesign , and owner of @plusdiversity . Adobe’s 2019 UX Designers to Watch

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